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ExchangerHub is your destination for industrial and warehousing equipment, both new and used. We specialize in surplus materials including a large variety of bulk containers, Gaylord boxes, pallets, carts, warehouse racking and storage solutions, and even scrap metals.

And at ExchangerHub it’s the Exchange that counts. We excel at connecting buyers and sellers in a marketplace loaded with product from across North America, Canada, and Mexico. And when our simple online process allows our selection of quality used product from trusted sources to ship quickly to our clients, not only have we all done our part to recycle, but we help each other to maintain effective, affordable, and reusable industrial materials.

Used 60x60 Wood Pallets
Price: $9.50 in OH
Used 20x12x11 Corn Crates
Price: $0.75 in IL
Used 24x22x9 Stacking Totes
Price: $9.55 in IN
48 x 40 B grade
Price: $4.95 in CT
Used 48 x 40 B grade pallets
Price: $5.50 in NJ
Used 48 x 40 B grade pallets
Price: $4.50 in DE
Used 48 x 40 A grades
Price: $6.55 in VA
Used 48 x 40 B grade pallet
Price: $5.75 in NC


You could post an ad anywhere, but here's why we know you'll post one here

  • It's FREE
  • Exposure to a nationwide market of manufacturers interested in your product
  • Print & Email advertising for a quick sale
  • No pesky low-ball type offers - we filter that nonsense so you don't have to
  • All shipping and scheduling is arranged by ExchangerHub
  • Because you're just that awesome

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If you're pinching your pennies, we're here to help

  • Straight forward prices include all fees and taxes (excluding freight)
  • Buying used/surplus items is affordable while doing your part to protect the environment
  • World-Class Sales Team strives to keep you happy
  • Dedicated Logistics Team keeps costs low
  • Free Want Ads for the unlikely event that you can't find the Droids (or items) you're looking for
  • Your purchase helps us continue to keep prices low for other companies like yours and for people like you

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find the products you need, today!

We provide personal service to all of our customers.  The best way to start purchasing from us is to find an item that interests you and complete an inquiry form.  We will also work with you to identify the correct items if you're not quite sure what you need.  Even CUSTOM items can be provided in many of our categories.  Do you have any questions or specific requests, please feel free to reach out to us and speak to one of our Reps today.

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About Us is an expanded marketplace from the team that brought the hugely successful packaging marketplace  ExchangerHub seeks to meet and exceed the selection and service levels that customers have enjoyed on Container Exchanger since it's founding in 2005.  We pride ourselves on being professional, fair, and honest and we have a very robust and refined order processing system for serving the needs of all of our customers, both large and small.

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what our clients are saying about us


Was very pleased with our salesperson and the containers we received! Would definitely contact them again if a need arises again in the future. Thanks!

Steel Containers for Metal Components in Indiana


Will work with you to get your product needs. If he can not acquire the requested product, he will let you know as soon as he has exhausted all options.

Bulk Bags for Metal Refining in Texas


The prices were great, delivery time was excellent, look forward to working with you again.

Wood Crates for High End Machined Components in Indiana