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Wood Crates: Used ISX-Type-02. 51.5"x37"x29" Collapsible Wood Crates.

Item Code S4557
Quantity Available 1000
Condition Used
Price (ea) $18.00
Location Michigan - MI, USA

Product Info

Constructed with plywood, steel base angle and corner brackets with a built on pallet-used. Compliant for import-export. This crate can be knocked-down for more efficient storage and shipment. Weight, approximately 199 lbs.
Outside dimensions 51.5"long x 37"wide x 29" high.
They will ship as knocked down to save shipping costs. Stack them 6 high in LTL shipments.
Capacity: These currently hold 2000 lbs. of product, stacked 5 high.

Minimum order is 16 crates (2 stacks)
210 per 53 ft truckload when knocked down
Add $5 each for orders less than 210.

Import/Export compliant. Ships flat.



51.5" x 37" x 29" (Length x Width x Height)



Import/Export Compliance

Heat Treated


Detached Lids Included


2000 lbs.


199 lbs.

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