How to Sell

our 5 step plan to get your items sold and off to their new home & new purpose
Create an account and login to ExchangerHub
Post a Sale Ad, and enter a detailed description of your item along with clear photos for the quickest sale
Click Submit and the hard part is done. Our legendary team reviews your ad and turns the world upside-down to find a buyer
When a buyer is found, ExchangerHub will contact you to arrange the exchange and provide shipping instructions
Once shipped and the buyer confirms they've received their order, you receive your cash. Roll in it, spend it, save it, it's yours

Why sell with exchangerhub?

It's Simple. we're the best and we work hard to prove it.

At ExchangerHub we give you more for less. Far less. Free actually. And with access to a nationwide network of manufacturers, resellers, and thousands of other businesses, our marketplace gets some serious traffic.
Not only do we list your product for free, but we promote, advertise, and yell from roof tops so you get the most out of your ad. We'd even stick a billboard on the moon if we could!
We provide a professional online marketplace to host your ad without asking for a single penny, and we'll keep your ad listed until your product sells or until Armegeddon. Whichever comes first.
We'll contact you for all serious inquiries. Consider us a spam filter, weeding out less than reasonable or low-ball type offers. Yet another service we offer totally free of charge.
D-Day! Aside from posting your ad, the only other thing you'll need to do is load the truck. We'll even provide shipping instructions and paperwork for the driver.
We've built our company on ensuring peace of mind for both buyers and sellers, and we understand the importance of a secure online transaction. For Sellers, we collect payment from the buyer up front and hold it, safely in our bank, until your order delivers. We've got your back!
So how do we offer so many freebies and still stay in business? The simple answer is that when you make money we do, too. ExchangerHub's fees are paid by the buyer and are built into the purchase price of items.