Plastic, Wood & Metal Pallets

Pallets for sale come in many types and sizes, every one of them showcasing a list of advantages and disadvantages. However, whether they are wood, plastic, or metal, they all serve the same purpose: facilitating product handling and enabling efficient movements and shipments. Wood pallets are typically an affordable one-way solution. Plastic pallets, on the other hand, are a durable and reusable solution and are great for export. Plastic Pallets are typically reusable for a few hundred turns but some are made of more affordable materials and weights so they can be used in one-way shipping. Metal pallets are much more expensive than the plastic ones, but they will last longer and offer options such as useability in pharmaceutical or food grade manufacturing plants.

ExchangerHub offers a full range of both new and used shipping pallets for sale, suited to any need or budget. Select the type below to review our listings and contact your sales rep by completing an item inquiry page.

Suggested Applications

When determining the right pallet for your needs, you should consider whether you need is for one-way shipping or you want something to be used time and time again. Plastic pallets and sometimes Wood Pallets are viable options for both methods, while metal pallets are typically used in reusable applications.

Shipping Pallets for Sale: One-way Shipping Options

These pallets are ‘the cheap and dirty’ method of getting the job done. Keep in mind, these pallets are intend to only be uses once though you may get more uses out of them.

  • Wood pallets - Generally considered a one-way shipping item, wood pallets are rarely returned or placed into the return system. In fact, each year millions of wooden pallets are used for shipping purposes.  Since cost is the upmost importance, ExchangerHub offers a wide variety of low cost wood pallets that are your go-to solution palletized shipments.
  • Plastic pallets - Internal shipping requirements, affordable plastic pallets are often attractive options for shipping pallets quantities for international transactions. This is because wood pallets can carry disease/insects and have to be heated treated or fumigated to ship internally. We provide affordable nesting, plastic pallets in low cost materials for one or light duty shipping requirements

Reusable Shipping Options

These specific items and resuable pallets are made to be with a higher quality, intended for use again and again.  They’ll stand up to a lot of demanding applications.  Specifications of weight holding and build quality do vary, make sure to talk to one of our sales reps to select the best option for your application.

  • Plastic pallets - Reusable plastic pallets are typically made from HDPE, meaning they are of the utmost quality, impact resistant, and strong to hold the load. Selecting the right pallet will enable you to use the container time and time again. These pallets are ideal for shipping to and from your clients, customers and vendors, along with, use and storage on your warehouse floor.
  • Metal pallets - Metal pallets serve as a high end option and are extremely durable reusable pallets. Typical materials used to make these durable containers include steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. All of which create a wide range of uses for metal pallets. Steel is ideal for general industrial use. Aluminum is often used for food grade storage. Stainless steel pallets are a top-of-line solution for stringent pharmaceutical operations. 

Lean on ExchangerHub for all your shipping and storing needs. We offer a wide range, and top-notch selection of metal, wood and plastic shipping pallets for sale at prices that you want to pay.  We can serve all of your industrial, food processing, pharmaceutical and business needs.