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Metal Pallets For Sale - Steel, Aluminum, & Galvanized

Solid, and with a longer lifespan than wood and plastic pallets, these metal pallets for sale make moving and handling heavy loads easier for most companies. All metal pallets are extremely durable and can provide many years of service.

These are usually manufactured from aluminum, but the material can vary, including stainless steel and steel. Since every type of material has different properties, selecting the proper one isn’t a process you can ignore. For example, stainless steel pallets and aluminum pallets can be fully welded and used in pharmaceutical applications. These materials resist corrosion and heat, so that they can be used in food processing, meat packing, or pharmaceutical plants. Stainless steel pallets and aluminum pallets are also lightweight and non-ferrous.

ExchangerHub offers a full range of both new and used metal pallets suited for any needs or budget. With supplies located throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, we’ll help save money on freight, too. Check out the list below to see our entire selection. Inquire about the items, and our packaging experts will confirm their availability and quote freight prices for you.

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Used Metal Pallets - 38x45 Galvanized Pallets
Item#: S004402
Condition: Used
Dimensions: Other; 38" L x 45" W x 5" H
Price: $16.67
Quantity: 150 in Alabama
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