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Industrial Plastic Pallets For Sale

Plastic pallets are a very popular reusable shipping option among most manufacturing and distribution industries. Lightweight, yet durable, they will protect your loads while they’re being transferred between facilities.

Available in several styles and sizes, and for a variety of applications, plastic pallets will suit almost any shipping need. The materials from which they are designed vary, too – whereas some are made from structural foam, others are made from durable thermoformed plastic. As a result, the structural foam pallets are more rigid than their counterparts. Some packaging systems pair plastic pallets with straight wall totes and top caps, we offer both types of products. Generally, pallets have a shorter lip around the edges and the totes fit perfectly, making this a good pairing.

New and used plastic pallets are also an excellent export option. Due to export regulations, wood pallets must be heat treated – a rule that doesn’t apply to plastic ones. Given the fact that export shipments are rarely returned to the sending company, it makes sense to use affordable plastic pallets.

ExchangerHub offers a full range of both new and used plastic pallets suited for any needs or budget. With supplies located throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, we’ll help save money on freight, too. Check out the list below to see our entire selection. Inquire about the items, and our packaging experts will confirm their availability and quote freight prices for you.

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