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Plastic Pallets: NEW 110cm x 120cm Heavy-Duty Picture Frame Pallet (With Rods)

Item Code S3073
Quantity Available 10000
Condition New
Price (ea) $78.75
Location Michigan - MI, USA

Product Info

These pallets have 5-rods for support. Made with 100% Recycled materials.

Price listed is for truckload orders (540 pallets)
Add $5 each for orders 50pcs-100pcs
Add $3.50 each for orders 101pcs-200pcs
Add $2 each for orders 201pcs-419pcs
Minimum order is (50) pallets.





47" x 43" x 6" (Length x Width x Height)

Pallet Footprint


Static Capacity

30000 lbs

Dynamic Capacity

5000 lbs

Racking Capacity

2800 lbs


72 lbs

Quantity per Skid

Pallet Features

Mesh Top Deck, Stackable, Rackable, Runners, 4-Way Entry

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