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Plastic Pallets: NEW 45x48 Plastic Pallet, Nestable w. runners - Many Locations

Item Code S1612
Quantity Available 10000
Condition New
Price (ea) $28.16
Location Tennessee ; Michigan ; Maryland ; Ontario - TN ; MI ; MD ; ON, USA ; USA ; USA ; Canada

Product Info

100 pallet minimum order

This 45x48 in pallet is sized for the automotive industry, but it can be used in any industry. This light weight, medium duty, low height pallet is capable of medium-duty tasks. Affordable enough to be used for export or for air cargo, and it does not require heat treatment if you export it.

Nesting Only Pallet (no runners)
6600 lb static capacity
2700 lb dynamic capcity
1500 per truckload

3 Snap-on runners - 1 direction only:
Add $7.50 per pallet, Add 8 lbs per pallet
1300 lbs static capacity
3300 lbs dynamic capacity
1300 lbs racking capacity
510 per truckload

Add $2.50 per pallet for less-than truckload orders

Available out of Conyers, GA. Memphis, TN. Jackson, MI. Baltimore, MD. New Castle, PA





48" x 45" x 6" (Length x Width x Height)

Pallet Footprint

45" x 48"

Static Capacity


Dynamic Capacity


Racking Capacity



25 lbs

Quantity per Skid

Pallet Features

Mesh Top Deck, Nestable