Rack Uprights Wanted

If you need to sell your used rack components, including teardrop or structural uprights, you’ve come to the right place. When your company is done using them, you shouldn’t scrap them!  Instead, maximize your return by letting ExchangerHub handle the pain of finding a new home for them.  ExchangerHub strives to keep your business viable with green solutions. Our marketplace provides an outlet for the purchase or sale of both new and used warehouse storage and transportation racks and components.

Our lists of want ads seeking both new and used pallet rack uprights can be found below. If you don’t find a want ad for your type of racks, don’t worry, we can still sell them.  Most of our customers choose to review our list of racks for sale and they won’t post a Want Ad.  So please create an account so you can post your items for sale.  Alternatively, you can contact the ExchangerHub sales staff with any questions. We’ll even help you get a Sale Ad created for your items. Rest assured, you’ve found the right partner to buy and sell use warehouse equipment, including Interlake, Wireway, Mecalux, or other manufacturer.

Get started selling your used warehouse rack components today:

Used Uprights - Redirack Uprights Needed 40-44" wide x 14-20_ tall
Condition Desired: Used
Uprights Size & Style: 14" High x 40" Deep, Other Slide in
Qty Desired: 50 in Pennsylvania
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 Uprights - Stadard pallet racks
Condition Desired:
Uprights Size & Style: 216" High x 42" Deep, Teardrop
Qty Desired: 154 in California
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 Uprights - Looking for Used Uprights
Condition Desired:
Uprights Size & Style: 300" High x 42" Deep, Teardrop
Qty Desired: 700 in Virginia
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 Uprights - LOOKING TO BUY
Condition Desired:
Uprights Size & Style: 10" High x 42" Deep, Teardrop
Qty Desired: 50 in Ohio
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