Carton Flow Trays Wanted

Used flow rack trays and flow rack rollers or beds of rollers can often be purchased independently to supplement an existing racking system or to piece together separate used racking components for your customized solution. Used carton and gravity flow racks can have many different manufacturers, such as Meco, Interlake, Steel King, Anderson, Ridg-U-Rak, and many more. Some manufacturers may be cross-compatible with each other. For used gravity flow rack roller systems, pay special attention to the width, depth, and capacity of the item. These used racks are combined with uprights to make a complete system.

At ExchangerHub, we specialize in saving your company money by providing access to used heavy-duty carton flow racks, pallet flow racks, and other used industrial rack components. Most of the companies that buy our used gravity flow racks also discover that they have used ones that they wish to sell. We will broker any brand of rack or rack components for your company. This includes Teardrop, T-Bolt, Structural Racking, and others. We sell these racks throughout the nation, and we do our best to maximize ROI for your company.