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Decking: New Pallet Rack Step Channel Wire Deck 44"Depth x 46" Width

Item Code ES010671
Quantity Available 5000
Dimensions 46" Wide x 44" Deep
Condition New
Capacity 2500 lbs.
Weight 36 lbs.
Price $18.56
Location Texas ; South Carolina ; California - TX ; SC ; CA, USA ; USA ; USA
Additional Information New Pallet Rack Step Channel Wire Deck Teardrop style, Brand: Spectrum. Wire Deck Depth: 44" Wire Deck Width: 46"; Capacity: 2500; 2.5" x 4" 6 ga; Weight: 36 (lbs.); Color: Gray; Material: Wire Mesh. Meet the highest industry standards for capacity, seismic & code applications. Pallet rack is R-Mark Certified. Available to ship from South Carolina, Texas, & California.