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Cantilever Racks: Used 12 ft Double Sided Cantilever Racks, 5 years old

Item Code ES010310
Condition Used
Location Massachusetts - MA, USA
Weight lbs.
Price $1,875.00 - Full System

Product Info

The quoted price is for: 4 columns, 4 brace sets, and and 24 arms (2000lb capacity)

4 in Tube Arms, 48 in Long
9 ft Brace Sets, Welded to Uprights
Bases are welded to the upright, uprights are 2 sided.
15 ft Uprights
8000 lb Upright Capacity
2000 lb Arm Capacity



Uprights Quantity:
Upright Height: 180"
Arms Quantity:
Arm Length: "
X-Brace Quantity:
X-Brace Width: "


16000 lbs.