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Pallet Racks: Pallet Rack System 144"Uprights with 96" beams

Item Code ES010871
Condition New
Style Teardrop
Price Full System $472.35
Location California - CA, USA

Product Info

We are a direct manufacturer (not a reseller) of custom sized wholesale pallet racking systems and pricing nobody can beat out. We build to your exact specifications! Posts, beams and bracing, full-systems!

This system that we are offering includes the following: 4 Uprights that are 12 feet high (2 connected to eachother with bracing) and 4 beams The two connected uprights are 3 feet apart. Beam lengths are 8 feet. Capacity is 5000 lbs.

Can make any other size with a quick turnaround.


Material List

Uprights Quantity: 10000 pcs
Upright Dimensions: " D x " H
Beams Quantity: 10000 pcs
Beam Dimensions: 96" L x " H
Wire Decks Quantity: pcs
Wire Deck Dimensions: " D x " W


5000 lbs.

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