Shelving Systems Wanted

Shevling System and Bulk Racks are are a storage option that can generally be loaded and unloaded by a human.  These Metal Shelving Units are used extensively in tool cribs or in supply businesses where access to small, but often heavy item storage is needed.  Many companies may need Bulk Racks for Stroage of heavy items.  Bulk Racks can also be used to hold smaller boxes, parts storage bins, or for the bulk storage of documents.  Storage Racks can be made of plastic or metal, but they are most commonly made of metal.  Metal Bulk Racks do have an advantage in that their shelf height is often adjustable, while Plastic Bulk Racks often have fixed shelf heights. 

At ExchangerHub, we specialize in Used Bulk Storage Racks. We buy and sell Used Bulk Shelving throughout North America, and we work hard to maximize ROI for your company.  The list of the shelving systems our clients are currently looking for are listed below.  When you find an item you have available, fill out the form on the item page and we will call to follow up.

 Shelving Systems - Record Storage Racks
Condition Desired:
Dimensions Needed: 48" Wide x 36" Deep x 75" High
Qty Desired: 300 in Ontario
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