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Stack Racks: New Pin Racks 40"x40"x16" 12" Useable Height, For modular part storage

Item Code ES010443
Quantity Available 1000
Dimensions 40" x 40" x 18" (Width x Depth x Height)
Condition New
Capacity 4000 lbs.
Weight 130 lbs.
Price Inquire for Price
Location Wisconsin - WI, USA
Additional Information The Pin Rack's metal holes accept a drop-in pin system, which allow you to custom configure how and where your parts are held in the rack.
Stackable 10 high with each other
Optional pins have 5/8" diameter and a 12" useable height
All racks are painted Green

Add $20 ea for orders 1-10
Add $10 ea for orders 20-49 pcs
Compatible pins are $5 each