ExchangerHub provides large quantities & varieties of bulk containers for sale, ranging from one-time used expendable bulk bags to reusable collapsible plastic containers and from small containers to large hoppers and silos. Furthermore, our offerings include both new and used bulk containers in all categories, including strong rigid wire or metal baskets. Your company cannot go wrong with any of our products for your day-to-day business needs. Our bulk containers are the perfect solution for storing manufactured goods, as well as shipping products.

For the ease of both storage and transportation, ExchangerHub provides the product your business needs at the price you want, and we'll also take care of quoting and booking freight. We do thousands of shipments each year so you get to take advantage of our freight discounts. Strong and versatile, our selection of bulk containers covers all of your shipping and storage needs.


Keep your operation organized and ship your high value finished goods with new or used totes from ExchangerHub. Versatile and easy to handle, totes are an excellent low cost packaging option. Small enough to be listed by hand, they can be used to transport smaller parts between facilities or within them.

ExchangerHub offers a wide variety of handheld totes, including food trays, bakery trays, nesting and stacking totes that can both be stacked on each other or nested together.


One way packaging can be found in a variety of sections. We have you covered if you need to buy or sell any one-way packaging including Gaylord Boxes, Wood Pallets, Bulk Bags, and Plastic Pallets. If you're exporting product or just need to save money on your industrial packaging, we're here to help. 

For returnable packaging, we have excellent options in our Pallet Containers (which are Plastic Bulk Containers, Metal Bins, Wire Baskets, Plastic Pallets, IBC Totes, and Tote categories. 

What do you need?  We're here to help.  You can get started by browing our items for sale in the categories listed above.  You can also reach out directly to our sales staff and inquire about your specific needs.